The amount of water in household cleaners


The number of coral fragments that we’ve helped to regrow since 2020

Give yourself peace of mind and reduce the use of toxins like ammonia and bleach in your cleaning regiment. Choose a more natural and safe option to clean

Help Solve The Plastic Problem

Why purchase large plastic bottles of cleaner only to trash the plastic bottles. The fact is that only 10% of plastic actually get recycled. The better solution is to avoid plastic and reuse glass containers. We've included this natural linen tote. Refill the glass vials with face wash, lotion, or whatever else you carry with you.

Made from Plants

Harsh chemicals just aren’t necessary for most routine home cleaning. Read through our list of antimicrobial, antibacterial ingredients and locally sourced surfactants. All plant based.

Citrus Gold - Essentially Better

Each of our 1 ounce vials contain a powerful concentrate of plant-based ingredients and surfactants. Pour the 1 oz concentrate into the reusable glass bottle and add water to the top curve of the bottle.