We Support Reboot Our Reefs

A collaberative effort to restore coral reefs in Bali.

5% of our graphic style boot profits go towards the Reboot Our Reefs organization, a collaborative effort between REUZBL in the US and Ocean Gardener in Bali Indonesia working together to expand Ocean Gardener’s reef restoration program and educating people on the important role coral reefs play on our Earth’s environment.

We believe the locals have the power to protect the reefs, so we are inspiring them and giving them the tools and training to be successful.

What Do We Do?

Planting coral gardens to restore the reefs.

The team of Ocean Gardeners, locals of Bali, retrieve damaged coral fragments and healthy “brood stock” or mother coral and utilize best practices to rehabilitate, propagate, plant and protect the coral.

Using techniques like microfragmentation certain coral can be cut into pieces and placed in close proximity allowing them to reconnect and grow more quickly.

Our goal is to grow reefs at a rate that can make a difference on our planet.

Why We're Doing It

Coral reefs are one of Earth's most valuable resources.

Coral reefs are responsible for producing over half the Earth's oxygen supply, preserving coastlines, proving a habitat for 25% of the Ocean's sea life, proving resources to millions of people around the globe, and absorbing one-third of the carbon dioxide we generate.

Without the coral reefs on our Planet, marine life wouldn't exist, half a billion people would be left without an adequate resource for food, and carbon dioxide levels would continue to rise exponentially. Just like our forest, the coral reefs are an essential lifeline for not only our planet but the human species.

How You Can Help

Reboot our reefs one boot at a time.

When you purchase any of REUZBL's graphic Hydro Flask boots, 5% will be directly donated to Reboot Our Reefs, contributing to the direct planting of coral reefs by Ocean Gardener in Bali Indonesia. Together, we can help restore our coral reefs, one boot at a time.