Our Mission Is Simple.

We would like to see a dramatic reduction in single use plastic bottles and for everyone to drink clean water.

How often have you gone to a big box retailer only to witness cart after cart with cases of plastic bottled water being wheeled out the exit? No doubt you’ve heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which has grown to the twice the size of Texas. (That’s two Texases) Have you ever driven across Texas? It’s huge! There’s now a plastics trash problem from the highest peak, Mt Everest, to the lowest depths of the Mariana Trench, where they’ve recently found plastic trash on the bottom.

One well protected, extremely useful and well maintained water bottle may be what each of us needs to do our part.

At REUZBL we want to do our part, so our plan is to contribute a portion

of our profits to organizations and individuals that help with the reduction of plastic that goes into our environment. We also intend to align our business with those who further clean water efforts for those who need it most.

About The Founder

After graduating college in 1992 I backpacked around Europe for three months.

Back then we didn’t have cell phones or internet, we just relied on our 600+ page “Let’s Go Europe” book and in my case a mesh water sling and water bottle. Dozens of water bottles and many years later I now faithfully use double walled stainless steel bottles to contain and carry my favorite natural resource. After creating the REUZBL bottle sleeve, I’m never without it on my flask. Once you start using one you might agree that the water bottles look naked (and unprotected) without it.

Btw, a big part of the last decade was building UZBL, a company that designs protection tablet and laptop cases for schools. REUZBL is an active lifestyle spin off from this product design knowledge.