Amsterdam is aiming high in regards to sustainable energy. This city of cyclists could be using their energy produced while cycling into energy to power thousands of people’s homes.  In 2017, 68% of residents in Amsterdam commuted to and from work or school on a bicycle, totaling an average of 1.25 million miles each day. Looking at these numbers, S-Park had an amazing idea to harness this energy and use it to power homes.

S-Park is a bike rack system that uses the kinetic energy stored by the bikes wheel’s circular motion in batteries. When the commuter returns the bike into the S-Park frame it is connected to the grid, this energy that was stored in the battery now connects to the S-Park frame once parked and flows into the electrical grid.

S-Park is estimating that for a rack of 30 bikes commuting on average 2.2 miles per day, the rack could be generating around one kilowatt-hour each day. If S-Park is selected to be apart of the biking infrastructure for 2020- Amsterdam will be looked at as an amazing innovator thanks to S-Park. Clean and sustainable energy is something that every country should strive for.

Written by reuzbl Admin

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