How the Ergo Sleeve Came to be

October 31 2019 – Joseph Pearce

How the Ergo Sleeve Came to be

How the Ergo Sleeve Came to be

While in Bali for our family, surf, photo session vacation we made a stop by the luxurious Bvlgari Resort...

to get a few pics of our new YETI Tumbler sleeve

Sneaking past the security...

Passing the serene pool..

we figured we'd help support the resort by spending a few rupiahs at the bar

The beer was good, but the uniquely comfortable glasses caught us off guard...

We'd never felt such a great grip on drinkware before

 The flowers were cool too...

but the horizontal contours and vertical finger notch felt natural in your hand

The ergonomics of the Bvlgari glass were undeniable. Fast forward 4 months, and a ruggedized, Americanized, lifetime warranty, built to last version is now available for your Hydro Flask wide mouth bottle.

Get yours today.  From a 5-star resort bar glass to a Hydro Flask sleeve that we think deserves 5-star reviews for it's style, quality, and protection.