David Rodriguez, 29, is reducing restaurant food waste one app download at a time. His app lets users by leftover foods at a discounted cost from local restaurants. His app, Food For All , is available on iPhone and Android app stores.

The app can pull up the user’s location and find local restaurants that are offering deals on food. Most of the time, food prices are over 50 percent off. Once the user decides on the items they are looking for, the restaurant will give the user a time to pick up the food, normally around closing.

Currently, over 200 restaurants are available on the app. “Why can’t people have quality food at a low discount, while also reducing waste?” said Rodriguez. Around 40 percent of food produced -about 365 million pounds each day- never gets eaten and is thrown out, according to Natural Resources Defence Counsil report, “Wasted”.

Thanks to David’s app, we can now divert food going to waste, to feeding the mouths of hungry people. His app has kept over 100,000 pounds of food from going straight to the trash. One in every six Americans face hunger, and David Rodriguez has a plan to fix that.

Written by reuzbl Admin

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