California is widely known for its beautiful weather, spectacular beaches, and lavish lifestyle. However, the world must know- California wildfires aren’t leaving us anytime soon and this must be taken very seriously.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) and the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), California has had some of the deadliest, most destructive wildfires in history during 2018. These wildfires accounted for over $3.5 billion in damages, which includes $1.792 billion in fire suppression costs. This stirs up the question, why are there so many wildfires in California?

Climate Change
One large, obvious element as to why we have so many wildfires here in California is because of our climate. Much like the Western states, California gets most of its moisture in the winter and dry weather in the summer. During the dry months, vegetation dries out from lack of moisture and serves as a feeding ground for future fire.

Human Triggers
Although conditions in California are perfect for wildfires, someone will need to be there to ignite it. Wildfires can be triggered by nature as well as humans. California has a very long dry season, so any minor slip up and a fire can be ignited instantly.

Nina S. Oakley from Desert Research Institute states, “Many of these large fires that you’re seeing in Southern California and impacting the areas where people are living are human-caused”. In 2017, Sonoma County experienced deadly fires caused by downed power lines. In 2018, the Carr Fire was ignited when a truck had a tire blow out and its rim scraping the pavement created sparks.

One thing for future residents of California to remember is to choose places to live that aren’t in fire-prone areas. Living near forests can be a much more susceptible area to fire and devastation for your family’s home. Keeping your surrounding areas of your home clean, free of debri and other materials that are fire prone will help keep your home and family safe

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