So you may have stumbled upon our blog trying to find some quick tips on how to become environmentally friendly. It’s quite simple. Below we have some great tips for you to be on your way to a “green-er” home!

  1. Turn it off! Lowering energy consumption is a great way to reduce your overall carbon footprint. Simply putting lights on timers, turning off the television before leaving home, or just turning off the TV during family time can lower your energy consumption and your energy bill each month!
  2. Recycle it! Purchasing another trash bin specifically for recycle is a great way to get your family to pitch in on eco-friendly manners. You can recycle so many different items. Teaching your kids how to recycle will also be a fun family tool to bring them up with.
  3. Buy Local! Purchasing food or clothing items locally can reduce overall carbon footprint more than you may think. Supporting local farmers can boost the economy in your surrounding area as well as producing less carbon with their transportation.
  4. Insulate Your Home! If your home does not have proper insulation, you will be subject to higher energy bills. Make sure you insulate your home properly to reduce energy use and save money!
  5. Use Less Plastic! As we are aware here at REUZBL, using less plastic is huge. Swap plastic bottles for a REUZBL bottle, Hydroflask or Yeti. Maybe even grab one of our handy silicone bottle sleeves!
Written by reuzbl Admin

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