Dare I say that surfers care more about the environment than others. It took a couple of surfers traveling to Bali, Indonesia to solve a problem that countless others ignored. Millions of tourists flock to the beaches of Bali every year. Most see that the beach is littered with trash and almost all just shake their heads and walk away.

Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze didn’t walk away, they saw what everyone else saw and decided to take action. They created a system where Bali fishermen go out and intentionally fill their nets with plastic waste. This plastic pollution is then either recycled or properly disposed of. The effort is funded by the sale of recycled plastic and glass bead bracelets on their website at 4ocean.com. Their operations now encompass a fleet of vessels and captains pulling in millions of pounds of trash from the ocean every year. This helps to restore beauty and prosperity to travel destinations that are a worthy of these titles.
Written by Joseph Pearce

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