Trader Joe’s Is Eliminating a Million Pounds of Plastic

Bringing in the New Year, Trader Joe’s announces that they will be taking a closer look at how they are valuing sustainability in stores. Currently, Trader Joe’s uses packaging that has the highest recyclability acceptance rate in the U.S., but reducing the amount of plastic packaging is their current focus. Furthermore, Trader Joe’s also announced that they are also focusing on food waste.

Trader Joe’s sustainability framework is based on the following principles (found on their website):

1. Reducing and removing packaging 

2. Sourcing renewable and recycled packaging materials 

3. Choosing packaging that can be realistically recycled 

4. Avoiding the use of harmful substances in packaging 

5. Providing information to customers that increases understanding of how best to recycle or dispose of packaging

Their current focus is on reducing plastic packaging, Styrofoam trays, replacing plastic flower bags, etc. In the process, Trader Joe’s will be eliminating more than 1 million pounds of plastic from their stores in 2019.